Thursday, November 10, 2016

"We Now Sing the Non Nobis and Te Deum"

God Has Answered the Prayers of the Faithful Throughout the Country

The Nation Asked for Deliverance from the Current Hostility of the Democrat Party towards the Civilized World and God Has Heard Our Cries

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Real Identities of Bruce Jenner and Rachel Dolezal

Recent Revelations on Phony "Black" Woman Raises Bigger Questions About "Transgenders"

Bruce Jenner was predictably recently coronated by the media for his scheduled pronouncement that he is a female, as if it is possible to just turn the switch on or off from male to female.  The question lies in how is this even acceptable by a society.  Certainly hollywood and the radical left wing media are swallowing transgenderism in one giant gulp.  But everybody knows Bruce Jenner is a male.  He won gold medals in the Olympics as a man and it's not like he was lying to us then about his sexuality.  He was born a man, he won his gold medals as a man, and in spite of the changes he has made in his lifestyle, he will remain always, to the grave, a man.  He is lying to us and the world about his nature.  Yet the media accepts this lie while rejecting another:

Take the recent story about the NAACP Chapter Head - a woman who claims to be black, just because she says so, but she is really white.  The revelation came this past week and has been covered in Today HERE.

"Be who you are . . . but don't tell me the lie."
- Today Show

So how is this any different than Bruce Jenner?  So as the media comes down on "trans-racial" Rachel, they praise the "trans-gender" Bruce. How is this possible?

Truth is, just as there is nothing "complex" about Rachel, there is nothing "complex" either about Bruce Jenner.  He is lying to the world no different than Rachel lied to the world.  

Dishonesty and Transgenders - society is now obviously being selective on what constitutes a lie.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Another Indication of America's Cultural Decay: Country Music?

New Country Music Can be Blamed for White America's Decline

While we hear how rap music, Miley Cyrus, and Lady Gaga are destroying America's youth, we don't realize that new country music is just as damaging.  Singer Jim James says, country music is 'dumbing down the human race'.  He's right.  More on the story HERE.  While he has a slightly different spin on how, I have been pointing this out repeatedly.  In fact so has country music legend, Merle Haggard who explained in an interview with the News Observer:

“I've gotta be honest, I don't really listen to the radio at all anymore. Once in a while, I'll scan it and I don't understand what they're doing. I can't find the entertainment in it.” 
“Too much boogie boogie wham-bam and not enough substance.”
Here's a take from Top 4 country music hits back in September:
No. 1 "Burnin' It Down":
You slip your finger through the tear in my t-shirtYou stirrin' up dirty in the back of my mindYou keep on flirtin' cause you know that it's workin'
. . . then it only gets worse from there.

No. 2 "That's My Kind of Night":
You got that sun tan skirt and boots,Waiting on you to look my way and scoot,Your little hot self over here,Girl hand me another beer, yeah!
No. 3:
Damn pretty girl,You went and done it again.Ya gone and turned your sexy all the way up to 10.I never seen a ride seat,Looking so hot.Baby you rock,Hit the spot,Like a Fireball shot.
No. 4:
Hey girl, you make me wanna drive you home,Get you outta here and get you all alone.

 . . . one more mention of 'girl' or 'baby', and . . . well, "I might just go all country-crazy."  Unfortunately country music has gotten intolerable.  Hopefully some young singers can come along to pull the industry out of the gutter.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

An Inconvenient Poll

Gallup: Concern About Environment Down – Americans Worry Least About Global Warming

The environmentalist idolators are only going to get more aggressive following the inconvenient results of this annual Environmental Gallup Survey:

CNS has an article HERE.

The March 25 release date of the Gallup survey summarized:

  • Worry about most problems down after increasing in 2014
  • Americans are most worried about polluted drinking water
  • Americans worry least about global warming

The current level of worry on each issue remains at or near those record lows. 
Americans' concern about a series of potential environmental threats remains on the low end of what Gallup has measured over the past 25 years. 
Last year's increased worry proved temporary, rather than the start of a trend toward renewed concern about environmental problems.

Then there's this troubling conclusion by Gallup who sees a negative result of this survey as:

"because Americans are less concerned about environmental matters in general, they may be less willing to support policy changes to make those regulations even tougher if they don't perceive pollution and other environmental threats as imminent."

What more tougher regulations does America need?  China is outproducing America as they have surpassed the U.S. as the world's largest economy and some are still dithering about "imminent environmental threats" here in America?  One day historians will write books about America's failure because of internal fear mongering, wrist wringing, and anxiety over things beyond the control of man, even as they watched other countries succeed beyond their wildest dreams who didn't engage in this form of idolatry that since the 1990's has slowly choked Americans to a standstill.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

When it comes to leading our country, our leaders are not invoking God for guidance

According to a new Gallup poll, only 23% of Washington D.C. residents go to Church weekly.  That's no surprise with how dismally poor our country is being run right now.  There is anarchy in the Middle East, American hostages flaunted and killed on camera, America is getting taunted by evildoers, and our leaders still believe their biggest threat comes from . . . Americans who support conservative ideas.  The leadership in America is appallingly in the gutter.  The HHS mandate is still trying to force the Catholic community of nuns, The Little Sisters of the Poor, to bend to the will of Obama and his contraceptive mandate.  There is talk of taking over the internet by the FCC and illegal actions by this president to unilaterally provide amnesty to illegals, a clear violation of the law, yet nobody in D.C. has the fortitude or even the desire to do anything to stop this madness.  A CNS article elaborated on the Gallup poll:

When ranked with the 50 states, D.C. was fifth from last in the percentage of its residents who attend church services at least once a week.
There were 29 states plus the District of Columbia where only a third or fewer of the residents surveyed said they attend church at least once a week. These included:
--Vermont (17 percent)
--New Hampshire (20 percent)
--Maine (20 percent)
--Massachusetts (22 percent)
--Washington, D.C. (23 percent)
--Washington state (24 percent)
--Oregon (24 percent)
--Hawaii (25 percent)
--Colorado (24 percent)
--Connecticut (25 percent)
--Alaska (26 percent)
--Montana (27 percent)
--Nevada (27 percent)
--New York (27 percent)
--California (28 percent)
--Wyoming (28 percent)
--Rhode Island (28 percent)
--Wisconsin (29 percent)
--New Jersey (30 percent)
--Minnesota (31 percent)
--South Dakota (31 percent)
--Maryland (31 percent)
--Florida (32 percent)
--Iowa (32 percent)
--Pennsylvania (32 percent)
--North Dakota (32 percent)
--Illinois (32 percent)
--Ohio (32 percent)
--Kansas (33 percent)
--Arizona (33 percent).
In only 9 states did 40 percent or more of the residents surveyed say they attend church at least once a week. These included:
--Utah (51 percent)
--Mississippi (47 percent)
--Alabama (46 percent)
--Louisiana (46 percent)
--Arkansas (45 percent)
--South Carolina (42 percent)
--Tennessee (42 percent)
--Kentucky (41 percent)
--North Carolina (40 percent).
Vermont had the largest share of residents--71 percent--who said they seldom or never go to church. Alabama--at 29 percent--had the smallest share of residents who said they seldom or never go to church.
The number of people surveyed in each state varied widely, which large numbers of people being polled in large states and smaller numbers in small states. For example, Gallup asked the question of 17,351 people in California and 10,221 in Florida, but only 539 in South Dakota and 383 in D.C. "Margins of error for individual states are no greater than +/-6 percentage points, and are +/- 3 percentage points in most states," said Gallup's analysis.
To see Gallup's full analysis of this survey click here.

Friday, January 30, 2015


There could be a new epidemic spreading across the "irresponsible" planet: 

* * * R A B B I T I T I S * * *

If you are a Catholic, have been multiplying, your ears are getting longer all the time, and start seeing spots before your eyes, you ARE symptomatic!