Sunday, October 21, 2007

Children's Books

Our current culture is having fun toying with our children's imaginations. JK Rowling just announced that a major character in her book, Harry Potter, is gay. Why did she have to do this? What good did it do for her to disclose something so culturally grating? Why now? Why, after everybody has already bought and sold themselves into her clever story, does she do this?

This is the infuriating part: she does this AFTER all of her books were released, read by millions of children across the planet, and after she made hordes of money hand over fist on unsuspecting parents. She probably would not have been so successful had she disclosed this little tidbit to her audience immediately with the character's first appearance. No, she waits until trusting parents are hoodwinked into her story and fork over their dough making her a rich gal. Now she's a rich girl so she doesn't need those fans of hers anymore so she unveils her true colors. She roped a lot of good, trusting parents and innocent children into her well received story.

In her books, the gay character apparently doesn't commit any acts and the story doesn't mention any romances involved with the character. Let's face it however, children have imaginations. Vivid imaginations. Once they discover this revelation it only opens the door for the devil to do his handiwork on our children's mental images. Rowling has purposefully blindsided millions of faithful readers. These readers however are not mature adults, mentally desensitized to these matters, who can easily brush this kind of thing off. No, the children are her target audience - and they'll be the ones who have to sort it out within themselves. Let's pray that the damage is not one that drags the children's souls into a downward spiral.

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Amy Caroline said...

Thank you for this Sean. As one of the duped parents I am very angered that she has turned it all into nothing more than political agenda.