Sunday, June 14, 2009

Holocaust Museum Shooter - Anti-Christian Aryan - NOT a Conservative Christian

"'Christianity' destroyed Roman Civilization"

These were the words used online by 88 year old shooter James von Brunn who shot and killed a security guard at Washington's Holocaust Museum on June 10. According to the liberal media, we were all told that von Brunn was a 'right wing conservative'. The shooter, von Brunn was an Aryan, not a conservative. Aryans believe that the Nazi party is supreme. The Nazi party is socialist. This is why, according to FrontPage Magazine, von Brunn also wrote on the internet: SOCIALISM, represents the future of the West."

According to Wikipedia:

"The term Nazi is derived from the first two syllables of Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, the official German language name of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (commonly known in English as the Nazi Party). Party members rarely referred to themselves as Nazis, and instead used the official term, Nationalsozialisten (National Socialists). The word mirrors the term Sozi, a common and slightly derogatory term for members of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands)."

Emperor Nero blamed a widespread fire in the city of Rome on the Christians in order to incite hatred of Christians and justify his persecution of them. Resembling Emperor Nero, the media is blaming every criminal act on conservatives/traditional family value Americans/Christians. When the liberal media hears of another terrorist attack in Pakistan, India, Bali, Indonesia, etc. their warped minds automatically point their fingers at Christians as indirect causes of violence, turmoil, and violent upheaval. How in the world they do this is beyond comprehension, but they are getting away with twisting facts, just like Emperor Nero had done. Will the media please stop their anti-Christian agenda and just report the facts without trying to emulate Emperor Nero. For more on this topic click here.

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