Thursday, April 8, 2010

Catholic Haters Banging the War Drums for a Return of the Great Persecution

"Catholic Haters of the world unite and take over."

This is the unspoken mantra of the secularists who are marching in lockstep with each other to persecute any Catholic with principle. Now the hate mongers think by attacking the Pope himself, they are going for the jugular and bringing the 'whole thing down'. According to an AP Report, the Vatican is not afraid to point this out:

"By now, it's a cultural contrast," Sodano told the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano. "The pope embodies moral truths that aren't accepted, and so, the shortcomings and errors of priests are used as weapons against the church."

"Behind the unjust attacks on the pope are visions of the family and of life that run contrary to the Gospel," Sodano said. "Now the accusation of pedophile is being brandished against the church."

He noted that past popes have also been criticized, including the "offensive against Pius XII for his conduct during the last World War as well as that against Paul VI" for his encyclical against birth control, the cardinal said.

"There are those who fear the media campaign of anti-Catholic hatred can degenerate," Vatican Radio said.

It noted anti-Catholic graffiti on walls of a church outside Viterbo, a town near Rome, and reminded listeners that a bishop was attacked by a man during Easter Mass in Muenster, Germany. The bishop fought back with an incense bowl.

The radio likened the recent campaign to the persecution suffered by early Christian martyrs. "The crowds, incited by the slanders of the powerful, would lynch the Christians," the radio said.

So now the secularists, frothing at the mouth, are looking to tear down the walls that they believe keep their 'artistry' hemmed in. Dismantling the traditional family, imposing their degenerate lifestyle onto those who would rather love God, campaigning for unethical medical practices, making abortion a sacrament, establishing a new selfish-man centered religion without a Supreme Being, making man the source of all truth, criticizing anybody who loves God more than selfishness, etc. are just a few examples of the utopia liberals are trying to impose on the world. What they hope to dismantle, they hope to replace with something new and, secularists believe, something better. Something without God and something without conscience where the only laws that exist are selfishness, self indulgence, the suppression of any ideas of morality, and imposing heavy penalties - even the death penalty on anyone who believes in the One True God and His Teachings and dares to defend the Creator.

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