Sunday, August 8, 2010

An Explanation of the Latin Mass: EWTN Broadcast of the Consecration of Ss. Peter & Paul, F.S.S.P

We're reminded in this broadcast that Pope Benedict instructs the faithful concerning our disposition to the liturgy:

"It's really not primarily important that people understand in the sacred liturgy each and every word or phrase, but rather that they experience the devotion and reverence . . . and it's also true that the latin reminds us that we don't approach God even in language in a purely casual or everyday way. That when we come into His presence it has to be a communication filtered as it were, through the lens of reverence and devotion, and that it's not because the Mass is primarily about communicating bits of information. The Mass is not a lesson, it's not a class, it's not a news bulletin. It is the representation upon the altar of the Sacrifice of Cavalry."

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