Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Rotten Fruits of Roe v. Wade: PA Mother Kills Her 5 Children

We've all heard from the feminist left that abortion needs to be legal and safe or we're going to see women committing abortions on their own in their own bathtubs with coat hangers. Well that was their excuse for justifying abortion anyway. As if making it 'legal and safe' in the books somehow suddenly makes it moral. We all heard from the feminist that 'we can't go back to coat hangers and 'unofficial' backroom abortions' while justifying their position to kill children. Well, even following the aftermath of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 court decision, that legalized the killing of children in the mother's womb, we still, time and time again, have stories of mothers personally aborting their own children in bathtubs, with coat hangers, and in an unsafe manner.

According to the radical leftist, legalizing abortion was supposed to be the cure-all for any backroom abortions. It was supposed to liberate women from the oppressive moral guideline that reminded our conscience: murder is wrong. Legalizing abortion was supposed to kill the American conscience while doctors, instead of mothers, performed the ghastly procedure in a 'safe' and 'legal' way.

Today we learn of yet another mother who, despite the legalization of 'safe' and 'legalized' abortions that the left have championed for mankind, has murdered another child - no, excuse me, at least 4 of her children in the womb and concealed them for years. The Associated Press story reads:

"DNA tests show the bones found in a locked closet came from five babies, at least four of whom were born alive, authorities said. The boyfriend fathered three and possibly four of the victims. Tests on the fifth baby were inconclusive.

Dogs trained to search for human remains have scoured Kalina's current and former homes in the Reading area.

"I'm very confident we have all the babies," District Attorney John T. Adams said at an afternoon news conference."

Roe v. Wade didn't cure anything. In fact, all legalizing abortion did was kill the collective conscience of Americans and dupe them into thinking that killing children against the will of the child is BAD outside the doctor's office - while it is GOOD inside. That as long as it's 'safe' and 'legal' it is suddenly somehow moral. What compelled a different mother from Texas, Andrea Yates, on June 20, 2001 to kill all five of her children ages 7 years to 6 months? A conscience that was killed by the legalization of abortion in America. When you know it is 'legal' and 'safe' in the doctor's offices, one reasons, with a twisted conscience, that 'maybe I can do it myself just as efficientl

The aftermath of Roe v. Wade, until it is overturned, will remain this: America will continue to reap the rotten fruits of legalized abortion. By reasoning that somehow it is suddenly now moral for a doctor to commit the crime than for the mother to perform the act herself sends a shockwave across the country that has permanently warped the conscience of Americans into believing that because 'safe' and 'legal' murder is the law of the land, it therefore accepted by society and somehow now moral. This twisting of morality results in the killing of the conscience. With stories like Andrea Yates and Michele Kalina, we are now seeing the rotten fruits of abortion on an ever unconscionable society.

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