Friday, May 25, 2012

Cristiada Movie (For Greater Glory) Exposes Secularism's Objective

1926 Mexico: Historically Accurate Movie Finally Reveals Early 20th Century Plot by Atheists, Agnostics, and Freemasons to Commit War Crimes, Ethnic Cleansing of Catholics,  Mass Extermination, Genocide, and Crimes Against Humanity - all for Humanistic Secularism

"Anti-clerical elements were included in 1917 Mexican Constitution. Five elements in the Constitution were aimed at reducing the Catholic Church’s influence in Mexican domestic affairs.

Article 3 enforced secular education in Mexican schools. Monastic vows and institutes were outlawed in Article 5.

Article 24 prevented public worship outside the confines of the Church buildings.

According to article 27, "religious institutions were denied the right to acquire, hold, or administer real property."

Furthermore, all real estate held by religious institutions through third parties like hospitals, schools, was declared national property. Finally, in article 130, it declared all basic civil responsibilities like voting or commenting on public affairs was taken away from Church officials.

The Mexican government was extremely harsh in their attempt to eliminate the Catholic Church’s legal existence in Mexico. The stern premises of the 1917 Constitution contributed to the rise of resentment between the church and state."

" . . . Article 3 of the constitution required that education, in both public and private schools be completely secular and free of any religious instruction and prohibited religions from participating in education - essentially outlawing Catholic schools or even religious education in private schools.  Article 3 likewise prohibited ministers or religious groups from aiding the poor, engaging in scientific research, and spreading their teachings.  The constitution prohibited churches to own property and transferred all church property to the state - thus making all houses of worship state property.

"Article 130 of the constitution denied churches any kind of legal status and allowed local legislators to limit the number of ministers, (essentially giving the state the ability to ban religion) and banned any ministers not born in Mexico.  It denied ministers freedom of association, the right to vote and freedom of speech, prohibiting them and religious publications from criticizing the law or government.  The constitution prohibited any worship outside of a church building"

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