Thursday, November 21, 2013

Noah Trailer

Looks like it could be well done . . . it has potential anyway.  However, I've wised up to hollywoods methods of propaganda.  My pessimism with hollywood brings me to the reality that the phrase "if man persists in his ways, God is going to destroy the world" brings me to think, what "ways"?  What values were violated and what was God offended by, according to hollywood?  I see in the trailer, people walking by a field of stumps, then we see an image of violence.  So it stands to reason that using hollywood's "values" and knowing hollywood's use of the big screen as its secular preaching pulpit, that they will try to scare the movie goer into accepting hollywood's values . . . or God will destroy the world.  The evils that hollywood thinks are capitalism, religion, and individual freedom.  But note the field of stumps.  According to hollywood this generally represents man's "greedy exploitation of the earth" for "evil capitalist profit."  And this of course is done by hollywood to throw us off track from the real evils perpetrated today of homosexuality, abortion, and lust.  I'll probably watch it, just to give it a chance, then we'll see if this theory comes true.  

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9peasMom said...

As a movie lover, it interests me and the trailer does engage. However, I too see what you mean especially with morality as Hollywood sees it. I grow increasingly sad as we have to weed out more and more every year of what we will expose ourselves and our children too. It has become quite the challenge to be in the world but not of it. Do you see how there has become a glorification of New Age ways of thinking/being and an increase in ignorance and unmoral behavior in the 'lower' classes plus the vilianizing of Christians. I know this has always been true, but I see it become clearer over the last decade, especially the world seeing a moral compass from New Age vs Christendom. Noah the movie, I'm sure will express that all the more. I also shudder to think how our God will be portrayed.