Sunday, June 1, 2014

Catholicism and its Architecture: A Testament of Her Faith

A good article was written by Wayne Laugesen of the National Catholic Register who noted the importance in faith formation when constructing churches.  The following excerpt captures the struggles we face in expressing our Faith thanks to deconstructionist modernist liberal "Catholics".

modern architecture short-sells human beauty and Catholic imagery to indulge the imaginations of self-aggrandizing architects . . . Some feature nondescript altars, stained-glass nature scenes and rounded pews that focus Catholics on one another instead of the altar and the Eucharist.

Catholic modernists dismiss the notion that in Catholicism it has always been a goal to teach the Faith in every way we can express it, including our architecture.  Using not only our architecture, but also our music, our paintings, our sculptures, our dress, our words, our actions, and everything that we have at our disposal to evangelize the world has been a laudable act of charity in telling the world: THIS is our expression of Faith, come join us!

Read the rest of the article HERE.

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