Wednesday, February 25, 2015

When it comes to leading our country, our leaders are not invoking God for guidance

According to a new Gallup poll, only 23% of Washington D.C. residents go to Church weekly.  That's no surprise with how dismally poor our country is being run right now.  There is anarchy in the Middle East, American hostages flaunted and killed on camera, America is getting taunted by evildoers, and our leaders still believe their biggest threat comes from . . . Americans who support conservative ideas.  The leadership in America is appallingly in the gutter.  The HHS mandate is still trying to force the Catholic community of nuns, The Little Sisters of the Poor, to bend to the will of Obama and his contraceptive mandate.  There is talk of taking over the internet by the FCC and illegal actions by this president to unilaterally provide amnesty to illegals, a clear violation of the law, yet nobody in D.C. has the fortitude or even the desire to do anything to stop this madness.  A CNS article elaborated on the Gallup poll:

When ranked with the 50 states, D.C. was fifth from last in the percentage of its residents who attend church services at least once a week.
There were 29 states plus the District of Columbia where only a third or fewer of the residents surveyed said they attend church at least once a week. These included:
--Vermont (17 percent)
--New Hampshire (20 percent)
--Maine (20 percent)
--Massachusetts (22 percent)
--Washington, D.C. (23 percent)
--Washington state (24 percent)
--Oregon (24 percent)
--Hawaii (25 percent)
--Colorado (24 percent)
--Connecticut (25 percent)
--Alaska (26 percent)
--Montana (27 percent)
--Nevada (27 percent)
--New York (27 percent)
--California (28 percent)
--Wyoming (28 percent)
--Rhode Island (28 percent)
--Wisconsin (29 percent)
--New Jersey (30 percent)
--Minnesota (31 percent)
--South Dakota (31 percent)
--Maryland (31 percent)
--Florida (32 percent)
--Iowa (32 percent)
--Pennsylvania (32 percent)
--North Dakota (32 percent)
--Illinois (32 percent)
--Ohio (32 percent)
--Kansas (33 percent)
--Arizona (33 percent).
In only 9 states did 40 percent or more of the residents surveyed say they attend church at least once a week. These included:
--Utah (51 percent)
--Mississippi (47 percent)
--Alabama (46 percent)
--Louisiana (46 percent)
--Arkansas (45 percent)
--South Carolina (42 percent)
--Tennessee (42 percent)
--Kentucky (41 percent)
--North Carolina (40 percent).
Vermont had the largest share of residents--71 percent--who said they seldom or never go to church. Alabama--at 29 percent--had the smallest share of residents who said they seldom or never go to church.
The number of people surveyed in each state varied widely, which large numbers of people being polled in large states and smaller numbers in small states. For example, Gallup asked the question of 17,351 people in California and 10,221 in Florida, but only 539 in South Dakota and 383 in D.C. "Margins of error for individual states are no greater than +/-6 percentage points, and are +/- 3 percentage points in most states," said Gallup's analysis.
To see Gallup's full analysis of this survey click here.


Gee said...

Most of the states in the Top 10 in church attendance are also in the top lists for teen pregnancies, divorce rate, and unemployment.

Salve, sancta parens! said...


You made a claim without backing it up with any real data. Well let's look at the date. The latest Gallup poll on top 10 church attendance by state goes:

UT, MS, AL, LA, AR, SC, TN, KY, NC, GA, TX, OK (these last with statistical ties)

Conversely, the top 10 least church attendance states goes:


So how many pregnant teens attended Church? No statistics on that? Didn't think so.
How many divorced attended Church? Any statistics there? No. Didn't think so.
Unemployment is a non sequiter. Job opportunities are available to churched and unchurched alike. The nation is an Equal Employment Opportunity governed entity.

Let's see how many of those pregnant teens and divorced attended Church and then let's talk some more.