Wednesday, March 25, 2015

An Inconvenient Poll

Gallup: Concern About Environment Down – Americans Worry Least About Global Warming

The environmentalist idolators are only going to get more aggressive following the inconvenient results of this annual Environmental Gallup Survey:

CNS has an article HERE.

The March 25 release date of the Gallup survey summarized:

  • Worry about most problems down after increasing in 2014
  • Americans are most worried about polluted drinking water
  • Americans worry least about global warming

The current level of worry on each issue remains at or near those record lows. 
Americans' concern about a series of potential environmental threats remains on the low end of what Gallup has measured over the past 25 years. 
Last year's increased worry proved temporary, rather than the start of a trend toward renewed concern about environmental problems.

Then there's this troubling conclusion by Gallup who sees a negative result of this survey as:

"because Americans are less concerned about environmental matters in general, they may be less willing to support policy changes to make those regulations even tougher if they don't perceive pollution and other environmental threats as imminent."

What more tougher regulations does America need?  China is outproducing America as they have surpassed the U.S. as the world's largest economy and some are still dithering about "imminent environmental threats" here in America?  One day historians will write books about America's failure because of internal fear mongering, wrist wringing, and anxiety over things beyond the control of man, even as they watched other countries succeed beyond their wildest dreams who didn't engage in this form of idolatry that since the 1990's has slowly choked Americans to a standstill.

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