Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Real Identities of Bruce Jenner and Rachel Dolezal

Recent Revelations on Phony "Black" Woman Raises Bigger Questions About "Transgenders"

Bruce Jenner was predictably recently coronated by the media for his scheduled pronouncement that he is a female, as if it is possible to just turn the switch on or off from male to female.  The question lies in how is this even acceptable by a society.  Certainly hollywood and the radical left wing media are swallowing transgenderism in one giant gulp.  But everybody knows Bruce Jenner is a male.  He won gold medals in the Olympics as a man and it's not like he was lying to us then about his sexuality.  He was born a man, he won his gold medals as a man, and in spite of the changes he has made in his lifestyle, he will remain always, to the grave, a man.  He is lying to us and the world about his nature.  Yet the media accepts this lie while rejecting another:

Take the recent story about the NAACP Chapter Head - a woman who claims to be black, just because she says so, but she is really white.  The revelation came this past week and has been covered in Today HERE.

"Be who you are . . . but don't tell me the lie."
- Today Show

So how is this any different than Bruce Jenner?  So as the media comes down on "trans-racial" Rachel, they praise the "trans-gender" Bruce. How is this possible?

Truth is, just as there is nothing "complex" about Rachel, there is nothing "complex" either about Bruce Jenner.  He is lying to the world no different than Rachel lied to the world.  

Dishonesty and Transgenders - society is now obviously being selective on what constitutes a lie.

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