Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Catholic Bishops Vow to Hold Pro-Life Line Against the New Liberal Administration

Christ will not see anyone pushing His Bride around.

Bishops will remain steadfast in the face of the tyranny of abortion. Why should the Church step into the political arena when it comes to defending victims of injustice? Because it is their job. An abortion supporting administration or a "pro-choice" administration is dipping their ugly hand into morality. The pro-choice politicos are responsible for 50 million dead unborn children. Not something I'd want to approach the Gates of Heaven to answer for. When we hear that the Church should not meddle with politics, I say the State should not meddle with morality. This way the State will not hear from the Church.

Nevertheless, there are some in politics who think it is expedient for themselves to dictate to the Church and the nation their unjust "pro-choice" morality. It sends them a 'good-feeling' when they tell ruthless pro-abortion Americans that they "will not yield" to the pro-life message. When the State pushes the Church up against a wall, the Church has only to defend Herself. She is, after all, the Bride of Christ. Christ will not see anyone pushing His Bride around.

A question we need to hold Obama to was presented to him by Family Research Council President Tony Perkins who asked:

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