Monday, November 17, 2008

Gay Marriage Protesters - Exhibit Their Intolerance

Tom Brokaw wrote a book about that generation that cherished wholesome family values. His book, The Greatest Generation honored our once great American generation that believed in God, prayer, honor . . . and family.

Today however, this nation has turned upon itself. Like ancient roman Emperor Nero, the protesters who took to the California streets immediately after the passing of Proposition 8, which defined marriage as between one man and one woman, are blaming Christians. The question that should be asked is why? The majority of voters in California voted for an abortion supporting liberal named Obama, and on the same ballot also voted for keeping traditional marriage defined as between one man and one woman. Are 61% majority of Californians who supported Obama also "extreme right wing Christians"?  Does California really have 61% of its voting populace attending a right wing conservative Christian Church? I highly doubt that. 61% of California voters aren't conservative right wing Christians. Yet the pro-gay marriage protesters are exploiting this opportunity to unleash their hate against God and subsequently against those who defend Him. Carrying signs reading 'fight hate with hate', it is not the Churches protesters are fighting against, but the One Who created them and continually seeks their return.

The argument we keep hearing is that such and such Church spoke out and encouraged their congregation to vote against it. So what? Didn't Brad Pitt, Steven Spielberg, and Matt Damon contribute tens of thousands of dollars and campaign against Proposition 8? According to MSN and Associated Press News:

NCIS actress Pauley Perrette donated $3,000. Brad Pitt donated $100,000 to fight the ballot initiative. Trevor Neilson, Pitt's political and philanthropic adviser, said the actor continues to be surprised that his colleagues in the entertainment industry have not donated more money to support the battle against Proposition 8. Among the other famous contributors: "Point of No Return" actress Bridget Fonda ($200); "One Life to Live" actor Jason Tam ($100); "In Plain Sight" actress Mary McCormack ($200); "Good Will Hunting" director Gus Van Sant ($2,500); "Brothers & Sisters" executive producer Greg Berlanti ($5,000) and "Star Trek" actor George Takei ($2,600). "The Real World" co-creator and executive producer Jonathan Murray donated $10,000 to support gay marriage. Orson Bean, perhaps best known for his frequent appearances as a panelist on "To Tell the Truth" donated $200. Tinseltown put on party fundraisers including Melissa Etheridge and Mary J. Blige which required a minimum donation of $1,000. The bash, which was attended by such celebs as Barbara Streiesand, David Hyde Pierce and Rob Reiner, raised over $4 million for the campaign, according to Lorri L. Jean, CEO of the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center. That money was used to purchase air time for campaign ads.

If hollywood could raise and donate an exorbitant amount of wealth to the gay and lesbian agenda using their glamor, popularity, and entertainment, (and still lose) then why couldn't Church members scrape their rainy day funds to defend God's agenda? It seems only fair:

Hollywood wealthy supports evil and social decadence with the money they've acquired from movie and concert goers


Churchgoing citizens support social order, goodness, and traditional family values with the money they've earned by the sweat of their own brow. Tom Brokaw called the generation who embraced these same principles, The Greatest Generation.

I suppose the lesson we should learn here is that liberals aren't about a fair fight. They're only about getting what they want - and getting it now. When Obama won, I didn't see anyone on the news protesting the most liberal senator's election win to the highest office of our nation. No, what I saw on the news after liberal Obama's victory, was liberals protesting . . . ???? Protesting they didn't get it ALL. Even with Tinseltown throwing over $4 million dollars at the gay marriage agenda, the people of CA voted to keep the Greatest Generation alive and keep marriage between one man and one woman. Since 2004, every gay marriage ballot initiative across the country has unanimously voted for keeping the traditional definition of marriage. Even in states that had election outcomes producing wins for liberal politicians, even these states voted against gay marriage.

America has spoken and California has spoken. The traditional family is the nucleus of our societies and America still remembers The Greatest Generation.

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