Friday, May 1, 2009

Obama Shifting Strategy, Not Policy on Abortion

American liberals: you were duped again! Obama got elected, he got the power he wanted, now he doesn't need to "be a uniter" like he promised. Tyrants act more like their crafty selves once they get into office. Their time spent trying to earn your trust is in lying, avoiding difficult questions, side stepping debates, and trying in general to look like Mr. Cleanguy who just wants you to "believe in him" and be his friend. Obama said in a Planned Parenthood let's-have-more-abortions rally that the first thing he would do once he pulled the wool over our eyes and get elected was sign the Freedom of Choice Crock - I mean Act.

But now we learn that he's changed his tune. In his self-grandising news conference marking his 100-days of office, he stated: "the Freedom of Choice Act is not highest legislative priority."

Now that he won the I-can-get-what-I-want-even-using-violence-against-a-child pro-choice vote, he's now saying FOCA is no longer his priority. Why not? He won his power, now he can drop this promise. Or is he? We can't put anything past Obama and the 'new America' he is crafting. His dodging of questions and crafting of statements has been done methodically and intentionally. His radicalism on abortion will rear its head again - just not now. Tyrants fight the American people like they do a war. They pick and choose their timing of battles always without changing their ideology. A broader analysis can be found here.

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