Saturday, May 30, 2009

"The Road to Perdition"

The American Spectator published an article that breaks down those things a leader would do that would divorce and tear apart our country's heritage to usher in a 'new heritage'.

"If somebody were deliberately trying to undermine the very fabric of these United States, he would first vow not just to change its policies but to completely "change America," and then would do just about everything Barack Obama already has begun to do as president.
. . . to undermine the United States, the president would, as fast as possible, create a massively debt-ridden, tax-ridden, regulation-ridden government whose prosecutors play political favorites but whose stances on the world stage are marked by weakness, self-criticism, and solicitousness towards one's enemies."

In his acceptance speech, Adolph Hitler cried out to his countrymen:

"It must have been difficult at times when you were desiring change which didn't come."
The new leader of Germany quickly transformed his country into an image of himself. In the same way the new leader of America is quickly transforming his country into an image of himself. To do so both leaders divorced their country from their values to usher in new 'values'. Both brought about radical change while lashing out at anyone who disagreed. Is this the change we needed? Only to those who also believe in a Hitler inspired greater Germany.

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