Friday, July 10, 2009

O'Reilly on Obama's Secularism

Everybody is inclined to worship. Obama has drawn his line in the sand and chosen to worship at the altar of secularism where creation, including man, is made into a god. By imposing strict regulations on what will be his global warming policies for America, he would only hurt the economy further. Not to mention the damage of using his status to announce to the country that the fate of the planet is solely in man's hands and not in God's where it rightfully belongs. Obama's religion will step on anybody's toes and crush every opposition even in the face of a declining economy that needs LESS government regulations to resuscitate it - not more. A faltering economy that needs MORE respect for the One True God - not less. More respect for the God of our fathers - not disrespect to God by worshipping the false god of the jetsetting trendies.

Bill O'Reilly commented about Obama's false religion in this video segment. What's interesting about O'Reilly's piece is that although Bill O'Reilly can be less traditional in his views, he holds the line against abortion. He calls Obama on his hypocrisy. "Above my pay grade" is the response we heard from Obama when asked when life began. This while claiming that he touts science as the hallmark of all Truth to peddle more government regulation in new global warming policies.

The religion of secularism attempts to replace God with humans. Let's be clear - God is in control of the planet's fate not man. Man is in control insofar that he doesn't offend God with his wanton defiance of His laws (Sodom and Gomorrah). Secularists like Obama see it the same way except their god is the creation not the Creator. Obama believes that things like using a traditional light bulb, cutting down a tree, or driving an SUV is an offense against his false god and that these must be stopped even at the expense of the nation's welfare; at the expense of the lives of unborn children whom secularists believe are a burden on the growing population; at the expense of a faltering economy that needs less government regulation to become productive again, not more regulation in the form of global warming policies; at the expense of a nation's heritage of utilizing its natural resources to provide for our needs.

If Obama wants to appease the gods, he should take O'Reilly's advice and pray. If Obama had any respect for God, he would be wise to entrust our country to His Almighty Hand and trust less in his own. He could practice the phrase, "Work like everything depends on you, and Pray like everything depends on God." Obama can help our country, except right now, he is barking up the wrong tree.

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