Saturday, July 11, 2009

Planned Parenthood Above the Law

In an undercover video reported here by Laura Ingraham, Planned Parenthood is caught, yet again, in another infraction of the legal system. By asking a 'client' who they thought was a 14 year old girl impregnated by a 31 year old to have anybody with her last name to sign consent papers, Planned Parenthood was attempting, in the most blatant fashion, to cover up a rape - by taking a life no less. How Planned Parenthood can face themselves in the mirror while grooming their egos saying, 'you are so good, you are providing a woman's right to choose, you are 21st century crusader, you are breaking down the barriers of hate, you are investing in our woman's future, don't even let rape stop you from your duty to kill children, you are so good - is beyond comprehension. It is unfathomable.

Planned Parenthood not only believes they are so good that they are above the law, they further think they are above God - ignoring and covering up a rape to fulfill their 'mission' of abortion, not to mention their regularly lopsided emphasis on women choosing abortion over life and lopsided emphasis on promiscuous sex over abstinence. Will the legal system hold "Planned Parenthood" - the organization that can do no wrong - accountable?

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